Summer Holiday Tips on a Budget

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Yuliana Topazly
Summer Holiday Tips on a Budget

Summer Holiday Tips on a Budget

Summer can be a very expensive time for families, especially those with multiple children. The childcare expenses, holidays, and days out all quickly add up. With several countries still having Covid restrictions, if you are not travelling abroad, there is still lots of fun to be had in the UK for a staycation!

Create a budget

This will assist you in planning days out. You want to set realistic expectations of your budget and ensure that you do not spend the majority on a single trip or day out. 

Browse for Bargains

There are several groups on social media where users share their travel itineraries and tips on where they found their bargains. You can also follow family travel bloggers who showcase hidden gems. Also check rewards offered from various loyalty cards and credit cards. If you make multiple trips to theme parks or National Trust sites, or if you live close by to an attraction, it may be worthwhile to invest in an Annual Pass.

Pack meals and drinks

Eating out and also constantly having to buy water bottles for everyone quickly adds up, not to mention the additional plastic waste. You can also bulk buy snacks and keep them in your car. You can find a bag that is easy to carry, yet roomy enough to carry all your items. 

Discover new parks

Don’t settle for the same local park. There are several parks and green spaces around, so make a list of all that are close to you and explore! Best of all, these are free and a great place to get fresh air, exercise and have a picnic. Some parks even allow portable barbeques. There are also many local hiking trails which can offer a much needed escape. 


There is nothing better than the fresh sea air. Fortunately for us in the UK, we are never too far away from a seaside. Whether you prefer sandy beaches or pebbled, or seaside towns with a pier, there are so many towns to choose from!

Outdoor Sports

There are plenty of family leisure activities you can do right in your own neighbourhood including riding a bike riding, swimming at the local lido, scooter riding, running, and playing football. . 

Pick your own fruit and vegetables farms

It’s the perfect season for picking ripe fruits and vegetables, especially strawberries! There are many local pick your own farms and the best part about it is that there are many healthy recipes you can create with your harvest!

Water play

Some splash pads around the city are free of charge, some may be low cost, but you can always play with a hose and sprinklers at home in the garden. 


Please see the list below for ideas on some FREE family fun in London this summer:

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