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'Peer support offers many health and quality of life benefits. Both peer support workers and the service users they are supporting feel empowered in their own recovery journey, have greater confidence and self-esteem and a more positive sense of identity, they feel less self-stigmatisation, have more skills and feel more valued.’ (Repper, 2013).

The mutuality and reciprocity that occurs through peer support builds social capital, which in turn is associated with well-being and resilience (McKenzie, 2006). If we have opportunities to support each other; we are building our capacity as a community.


We are strong believers that peer to peer support especially between mothers with younger children creates a lot of benefits and helps mothers through unpleasant experiences.

We would love to engage in more research, hear about recent publications you may come across and see how  the Buddy With team and our members can support any future research initiatives.